Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A New Space

Hello, and welcome to my new blog space. I'm not completely abandoning my old website Jon's Tech Central. I still intend on updating the page with new stuff at some point, but I'll be doing most of my blogging here. I'll also be micro-blogging on Twitter. On Jon's Tech Central I felt like I shouldn't make any updates unless they were of a tech nature and that for the most part personal stuff should be left out. This will be my personal blog.

Okay, so here's what's up with me. First, I got a dog! She's from the Dublin SPCA. Her name is Zoe. We adopted her on Super Bowl Sunday. She's what has been described to me as a deer chihuahua. She's sort of deer colored. Long ears. Long legs for a chihuahua. The vet estimates her at about a year old. Her first obedience class begins tomorrow!

Second, I got a new car. It's an '07 CR-V. We bought it new, but I kinda think we paid too much. Shouldn't a car that's last year's model be relatively cheap? That's what I thought. But what the hell, I'm very happy with it. Here's my tip about dealing with car salesmen: Don't bring distractions like little kids...or dogs!

Third, my friggin' laptop got stolen! Some loser smashed out one of the windows in my new car and proceeded to help himself to my precious HP Pavilion 17" baby. The worst part is that I stupidly didn't change all of my information on my iTunes account and the loser was able to charge about $140 worth of crap from iTunes. I reported it to the bank and cancelled my credit card and everything, but jeez, how stupid of me not to do that immediately, huh?

All right, that's it for now. This is just my first entry. I'll have more later.

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