Sunday, May 4, 2008

Random Ramblings

We went to the March for Babies and we marched our 5 kilometers. It seemed much longer than I thought it would, but I checked the route that I normally walk my dog and it's exactly the same distance. Perhaps it's just because I was just unfamiliar with the route that made it seem so long. But anyway, we got a good workout and we got our t-shirts, raised a few hundred dollars for a good cause, so I'm pretty satisfied with the whole experience.
Funny thing happened after the walk. There was a barbeque for all the walkers afterwards. So I get my burger and chips and I'm walking to this bank of kiddie wading pools where they have all the sodas and waters. As I lean over to grab a water my burger patty tumbles to the ground. Karen, the angel that she is, goes and gets me another one, then SHE trips sending both my burger and her hot dog to the lawn. So we got no barbeque that morning but the dog ate great.
I have been pondering lately the value of all my techie knowledge. I've spent a lot of time writing about these great websites that I don't think anyone actually utilizes. This site, for example. Is anyone really reading my blogs? I'd bet not. I'm pretty sure no one was reading my tech blog either.
I listen to a lot of tech-related podcasts, and one in particular, This Week in Tech, or TWiT for short spends much time talking about Twitter. They say that a lot of people use it, and I think it's a great thing myself. But I don't know anyone personally that uses it. Not one. I'd love it if I could keep up with some of my friends or family that way. I use it but no one's looking at. I have two followers but I have no idea who these two are. I feel like I'm alone on Technology Island.
Jott is another one that I'm pretty sure no one uses either. Such a shame. What a great technology.
Maybe it's just a matter of where I live. One of my friends at AT&T is a trainer. He was telling me that when he recently did a VOIP training class in San Jose he got a lot of questions about compatibility with Skype, and no one in Oakland asked any questions like that.
Okay, that's all for now. I'm watching game 6 of the Sharks-Stars game now. Go Sharks!!!

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