Friday, May 29, 2009

Today’s rants – Socialist America & Motorcyclists

What is it with us Americans and fear of the word “socialist”?  Any concept where we contribute to a pool and draw benefits from that pool Republicans just love pointing at it and love to scream, “Socialist! That’s socialism!”.  They just love that word because they know it’s so inflammatory.  I guess it’s supposed to evoke visions of Karl Marx and the Soviet Army stomping through Red Square or of a full-bearded Fidel Castro leading Communist, poverty-stricken Cuba. 

Reality check time, folks.  That ain’t us and never will be.  So there are some concepts that you could put the alarmist tag of “socialistic” on.  So what?  Will it result in us being redefined as “Communists”? I don’t think so.  Canadians have socialized medicine.  So do Brits and the French.  They also have higher taxes.  Do they suffer a lower standard of living because of it?  I don’t hear them complaining.

And guess what?  We already have plenty of things that are “socialist” already.  The public school system, for one.  Oh, sure, you can decry public schooling all you want.  Getting a good education in the public school system vs. private education still comes down to the basic concepts of a student willing to apply themselves and parents to enforce it.

Sure, it’s easy to complain about taxes being too high, but are you willing to pay the price for lowering them?  Recently, the Contra Costa County District Attorney stated that because of  reduced manpower the DA’s office they would not be prosecuting anything below violent felonies (or something to that effect).  Just this morning BART announced they’d be raising parking fees and fares by as much as $2.50.  There have been plenty of schools that are seriously considering shutting down their sports programs.  There’ll be fewer public swimming pools open this summer.  How do you like your lower taxes now?

And for Christ’s sake, all you anti-Obama people, the man’s been in office for five fucking months.  He’s got eight years of George Bush’s mess to clean up.  Give the man a chance.  Shit.

That being said, President Obama’s decisions are not above being questioned on all matters.  I’d like to know why he’s making it so hard for the auto manufacturers to get their bailout money while AIG and Bank of America practically had their bailout money thrown at them.  Why are you giving such a hard time to companies that employ union labor?   Union labor helped you get elected, sir.  Please don’t forget about us.  We’re not a special interest.  We’re hard-working, tax-paying Americans that are a vital part of the backbone of this country, and we deserve consideration.  Please don’t treat us with the same disdain that the last administration had.

On to my next subject, motorcyclists.  You know how you can tell a veteran cyclist?  They give you a thank you when you move aside to give them room.  I can’t tell you how many times in traffic I’ll swerve to the shoulder to give cyclists room to pass and they don’t give you that courtesy thanks.  Let me tell you something, you fucking guys that don’t do it, I’m gonna stop swerving over for ANY of you.  This is common courtesy I’m giving you, and I’ll guarantee you I’m the one car out of fifty or more that does it.  It’s called “being considerate”.  And if you fuckers can’t give acknowledgement then I can be like every other asshole on the road and not give you any space to pass.  And you veteran cyclist that do do it, you’d better teach these newcomers some manners.

Speaking of other assholes on the road these assholes that talk on their cell phones while driving are making me think I should keep a digital camera with me at all times so I can take your pictures.  Hey!  It’s against the fucking law for a reason.  Yesterday, I saw this flower delivery guy with a phone up to his ear makes all kinds of last minute turns and generally drive poorly.  I could have kicked this guy’s ass for all the lives he put in danger.  He was driving a 1-800-Flowers truck that said “Bay Area Flower Exchange, Alameda, CA” on the side.  Get off the goddamn phone and get a GPS before you kill someone, asshole.

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