Friday, August 15, 2008

Dogs in the News

I don't have much new to report about crate training progress. I put both dogs in their kennels for two short periods, perhaps a few minutes longer than yesterday. They both got a little antsy, but never reach a point where either began whining. I'm gonna try crating them for 30 minutes tonight.

I've been following two disturbing stories in the news recently. The first happened not too far away in East Oakland. It seems that some horrible human being beat two young dogs, threw them out of a car, and shot them both, killing one. Here's the link to the story in the news

The survivor is recovering the the Oakland Animal Shelter. Thanks to donations from a group founded by Oakland Raider Jerrod Cooper, Oakland-based Pet Food Express, and individuals like my stepdad, Bob, the dog is able to receive the treatment he needs. He may still lose one of his legs. Here's the link to the follow-up story.

Sadly, it does not surprise me that something like this would occur in this part of town. A few years ago after picking up my girls from school. We were in East Oakland not far from where this happened. We witnessed two young boys, maybe 10 or 11, that appeared to be walking home from school that were throwing rocks and swinging their book bags at a little pit bull puppy. I mean, this thing was just a baby, two or three months old at most. I pulled over and yelled at the boys to leave the dog alone. I followed the pup for a couple of blocks and drove off.

Thinking back I should have taken him in my car and drove him to the SPCA. I still feel guilty about that. I still wonder whatever became of that puppy. I also wonder about those two young boys. What other cruel things did they do to other animals?

Another story came from San Marcos, Texas (whereever that is). It seems that is young couple had a miniature poodle that began choking. They jumped in their car and sped off to rush her to the vet. A cop pulled them over for speeding and the officer proceeded to hold them there for 20 minutes before letting them go. Shockingly, at one point the cop told them to "chill out, it's just a dog, you can get another". The dog died in transit. Here's the link. After you read it be sure to go to the video link. The asshole cop's actions were all captured on tape.

Don't get me wrong. I have a great respect for cops. I appreciate the fact that they have difficult jobs. My uncle was a cop. One of my former co-workers at the County has a son who's an Oakland cop. One of Karen's close friends was a cop in Pittsburg that was shot and killed on job. I also appreciate the fact that this cop was doing his job pulling over a speeder. But was it necessary to hold them there for so long? Could he not recognize that they had an emergency? Couldn't he have escorted them to their destination and dealt with their speeding violation afterwards? And finally, was saying "it's only a dog, you can get another" part of doing his job?

If you're a dog owner and your dog was choking I defy you to tell me you'd do anything different from what this young couple did. My heart goes out to them.

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