Friday, August 29, 2008

Little Lance Making a Comeback

Sometimes the worst things bring out the best in people. Perhaps something terrible happens to serve a greater good. As horrible as that whole Michael Vick thing was, perhaps now we are all more aware of the horrors of dog fighting and the plight of the Pit Bull.

In this case, Little Lance, the little mix-breed puppy that was shot in the street and thrown out a car in East Oakland a few weeks ago has had to go through this so that perhaps all could see that animal cruelty is alive and well in the East Bay. Conversely, what we also got to see was that there are also a lot of animal lovers out there as well. This was a call to arms for those who stand against animal abuse. Indeed, over 400 answered the call with monetary donations, and over 50 people stepped forward to offer their homes as fosters.

Code 597 also got it's moment to shine, coming forward with a large donation. Code 597 is an organization named after the California Penal Code for animal abuse and neglect. It was founded by Oakland Raider Jerrod Cooper. It is an organization dedicated to keeping animals out of shelters.

As for Little Lance, he's recovered enough from his surgery so that he's up and walking around, but he still has a long way to go. He's now in a foster home in Oakland. I hope he'll have a permanent one soon.

Code 597's website
Link to Little Lance's story in the San Jose Mercury News

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