Monday, September 8, 2008


Okay, this blog has now officially transitioned back over to being my own personal site again. Where is all the dog stuff going? Glad you asked, my friend. My doggy crusade has moved to a new site. It's now called "SPEAK! A Voice for Man's Best Friend". I launched it last night. Check it out.

Remember how I posted "Jon's Tech Central R.I.P"? Well, I'm not going back on my word or anything, but I have been inspired lately. There are better ways to run a website than the way I was operating before. So I will be resurrecting my tech site, but it will be something new. It's going to be called "Tech Slayer". Details to come later.


Charlie got his little doggy testicles hacked off on Friday. When I got home Friday he had a plastic cone around his neck so he couldn't lick the stitches. He was clearly uncomfortable with it. Much of the night was spent with him laying on his side, his little front paws pushing up against the cone, whimpering. It was so sad. Then we were afraid he was running and playing too much and would bust a stitch so we crated him. He whimpered and cried most of the night. Hearing a helpless little puppy crying like that was one of the saddest thing you'll never want to hear. I felt like I was being so cruel.

It turns out he could get to the stitch anyway so we removed the cone. He seems much better now.

The school year started much earlier than we realized. I'm taking the girls school clothes shopping tonight. They're in their third week already.

I have more to write but it'll have to be later.

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