Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bill Clinton

First off, I keep wanting to mention this but keep forgetting. Mom sent me something in the mail a couple of weeks ago and I noticed my miniature poodle owning-mom has a Pit Bull on her return label. Way to go, Mom!

Karen & I have the day off today. We're going to see Journey tonight at the Concord Pavilion. We really didn't need the whole day off, but it's a nice break and a chance to get a few things done. I'm going to walk the dogs in a little bit then give them both baths afterwards. They haven't been bathed in a couple of weeks. Zoe really needs it because I just reordered some more Advantage off of eBay and I expect to have it soon. And since you're not supposed to bathe a dogs 3 days before or after applying a treatment I should do it today.

I was watching the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night and Bill Clinton came on as a guest. Jon was asking him about the $700 billion bailout and Clinton gave the most sensible, articulate responses. He also made a lot of sense with his opinions about the upcoming election. The whole segment really made me miss Clinton as president. I cannot fathom George Dubya Bush answering those same questions with anything in the ballpark of the logic of Clinton's last night. You can watch the segment below.

It is so critical to get Obama into the White House. We've just got to get the Republicans out of there. Remember how much better off the country was when Clinton was running the show? Think about this, what was the biggest controversy surrounding the President during the Clinton administration? Whether or not he got a blowjob from an intern! The economy was booming. There was a budget surplus. No war. The dot com boom.

Now think about what has happened during Dubya's watch. 9/11. War. Gas prices soaring. Unions weaker than ever. The inability to handle the Hurricane Katrina aftermath. Dubya apologists can say all they want about Dubya inheriting a mess from Clinton but you know that's all bullshit and so do they. It happened on his watch. And that's the bottom line. Does anyone excuse LBJ for Vietnam because he inherited it from JFK? No. Why? Because it happened on his watch.

Wouldn't it be great if the worst thing that happened during the Dubya years is that he got a goddamn blowjob? If that was the worst thing that happened on Dubya's watch I'd be signing petitions to have an amendment made to allow him a third term. But instead, we got what we got.

I discovered that speeches from this year's Democratic Convention were available on iTunes. I downloaded speeches from Obama, Biden, Clinton, Hillary, and Michelle Obama. I also found Obama's address to the 2004 Democratic Convention, from when no one knew who he was. It was absolutely inspiring. I actually found myself welling up during some of them.

I'm gonna go walk the dogs now.

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