Monday, September 1, 2008

Jon's Tech Central, R.I.P

I'll explain what "Jon's Tech Central, R.I.P" is about in a moment. This is entirely unrelated to dogs or animal rights issues, but I simply must share this.

This is the incredible journey of Roz Savage, a woman that has already crossed the Atlantic in a ROWBOAT. She is now attempting to conquer the Pacific in the same fashion. Roz has spent the summer rowing across the first leg of a three year journey across the pacific ocean in a campaign for marine conservation. In order to continue, she needs your help. Please check out the "Members Project" link on her page and vote . She needs to be in the top five to receive one of the awards. Help this great cause!

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The other outstanding person to share with you is a 14-year old from Singapore name Xavier Lur. He blogs on a site he calls "Kid Tech Guru". This incredibly well put together site features interesting tech-related stories, categorized, with feedback and links, sharing the kind of tips for beginners that I tried with my old site, "Jon's Tech Central". Only Xavier's done it about five hundred times better than I did.

Show this young man your support. He is a great reminder of what kids are capable of.

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