Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some Real Rants

First, I want to tell you all that there was a triple murder near my house this weekend. That shootout where the cop was killed was about 1/2 mile from where I live. Get this for a Twilight Zone moment. Cricket was supposed to have her hair done that day right around the time the shooting took place. If she had kept her appointment who knows what could have happened? Scary.

Later that night Karen & I went to this Salsa (yes, Salsa) club in Concord called Sazon along with Cricket, Mark, Jess, and Steve. Our co-worker, Freddy, plays sax for the live band that was there that night. We ended up not staying very long, but I ended up liking it much better than I thought I would.

When we got there they were playing some music over the PA. I’ve never been much of a fan of Salsa music so I thought, “This is gonna suck.” But when Freddy’s band came out I found their live performance was much more entertaining than I had anticipated. I don’t know, it’s something about the dynamics of hearing a live band or something. I’d like to go and see the band again.

Last week Imani told me that at lunchtime some boy saw the Obama shirt she was wearing and started arguing with her about why McCain would win in November. She told me how she argued him down with facts and quotes from the two candidates, while the boy could only come back with things like, “McCain’s cool and Obama sucks” and “my dad says Obama’s going to take our guns away”. She didn’t even have to invoke the race card. I was very proud.

Speaking of McCain…please folks, whether you like Barack Obama or not, you can’t tell me that he isn’t the lesser of two evils at the very least. If nothing else, at least you know he wouldn’t continue another four years of the George Dubya Bush administration.

Look how this country’s gone downhill since Bill Clinton left office. Gas is $2 per gallon more than it was when Clinton left office. The economy was healthy. There was no war. The worst thing that happened under the Clinton administration, the biggest controversy was whether or not he got oral sex from an intern. If that had been the worst thing to happen under Bush I’d be overjoyed. I’d be a McCain supporter all the way. I’d be saying, “Change? Hell, no, Barack Obama. Who wants change? Everything’s great!”

Seriously, just look at all the bad things that happened on Dubya’s watch. Do you REALLY think his administration deserves an extension?

And look at McCain’s choice for Vice President. Sarah Palin. Governor of Alaska. Conservative, right-wing, NRA supporter, against a woman’s right to choose (I refuse to use the term ‘Pro Life’) despite the fact her newborn has Downs Syndrome so you’d think she’d have more sympathy, against teaching sex education in school despite having an unwed pregnant teenage daughter, and supposedly is a “maverick” because the turned on the Republican senator that was behind the bridge to nowhere (after public opinion made supporting it impossible). THIS is the woman that’s supposed to pick up the disillusioned Hillary Clinton supporters?

Weren’t you listening when Hilary asked at the Democratic Convention, “Were you doing it for me, or did you do it for the single mom working three jobs and has no health care…?” How about when she implored you that if you believe in fighting for the same issues she was fighting for then you should cast your vote for Obama? Hello?

If all these people support Palin just because she’s a woman, then they’re all idiots. How myopic can you be? I’m blaming them for every soldier that loses their life in Iraq past January if those clowns take office.

Tomorrow, I’m gonna rip a new asshole in the NRA and those that support them.

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