Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Random Goodness

Update on the dogs: Charlie was apparently given those kind of stitches that dissolve on their own. He was never told to come back to have them removed. I took him for his first walk this past Sunday. Imani and I went to go the "The House Bunny", which was pretty stupid. Karen picked us up with the dogs in tow. I had her drop us off about a mile from the house and Imani, Zoe, Charlie, and I walked the rest of the way. Charlie did pretty well. He doesn't copy this thing that Zoe does. If she's not ready to move on she digs in her feet. I won't have many opportunities to walk them this week. We've got overtime at work from 7a-8p. I plan to work as much of it as I can except for Thursday. The girls have Back-to-School night then.

My co-worker Elton has finally released his album. It's like dance club music. It's actually pretty good. He goes by the moniker L10 (get it? Elton, L10?). His single, "music's got u
," is currently in rotation on Sirius (satellite radio) Channel 36, the beat. Look at his website. http://www.l10sworld.com/media

I was told that Imani tried out for the water polo team and didn't make the cut. But the truth is that the team had already been set by the time she looked into it. I told her that water polo was really hard. In addition to passing the ball around, trying to score goals, and defending, those guys have to wade the entire time they're playing. Their feef aren't allowed to touch the bottom of the pool. You have to be in very good shape just to be able to play. I think she's happier with tennis anyway. She tells me that she and Asha both plan on going out for the swim team.

Bryan left with Mom & Bob Saturday on
a motorhoming road trip that will take them through Boise and Yellowstone Park ending at Mt. Rushmore. It's a two week trip. I wish I had the time to go myself. They plan on returning on the 25th. Karen & I were holding out an extra ticket for him for the Journey concert on the 24th at the Concord Pavilion.

Others were asking about that extra ticket but we both agreed Rob deserved it the most. He's the most familiar with all three bands playing that night. Heart and Cheap Trick are on the bill as well.

I'm in two fantasy football leagues. So far I'm 0-2 in both leagues. The league I consider more important is the CBS Sportsline league. Will helped me with all my picks. He had me pick up Braylon Edwards and Derek Anderson from the Browns. Will sold me on the fact that if Edwards has a good game then Anderson would have a good game, too, and that would be major points. Well the both burned me last Sunday. Anderson threw for only 166 yards, no TDs, and 2 picks. Edwards had 32 total receiving yards and no TDs. Ugh, it's going to be a long season.

Using Digg I discovered the "Kid Tech Guru". His real name is Xavier Lur. He's a 14-year old from Singapore. This kid has such a great techie website of his own I was inspired to start doing my own site again. I wasn't exactly unhappy with Jon's Tech Central but the way I was doing it was too much work. I am actually pleased with the work I did but there was so much that I was doing the wrong way I didn't want to resurrect it. I wanted to start over from scratch. Thus The Tech Slayer was born.

I try to inject a little humor in it. I take the persona of some kind of superhero of geekdom, very full of myself, speaking about myself in the third person. The premise is that the things that stump novice PC users are evil supervillians and I am the knowledgeable-about-PCs hero that saves these innocents like I'm frickin' Superman or something. This is on top of doing this blog and my spin-off dog blog. It's a lot of work but not as much as before. Not even close.

Gotta go now. I need to work on my dog blog.

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