Monday, September 22, 2008

Dog Walking

Charlie got his first long walk today. Along with Zoe we only walked about a mile down Pacheco Boulevard and back. It's nothing special for Zoe. We've walked that route dozens of times before, but it was a brand new experience for Charlie. It was all new sights and sounds and smells for him and he met his new experiences like he meets everything else, with boundless, unafraid, not-a-care-in-the-world joy.

Most of Zoe's walks have just been the two of us. I have come to believe that our walks have really served as bonding experiences. I think that's why Zoe closest to me. I think the three of us walking together will be a really great chance to solidify our bonds.

I will always carry some measure of guilt for getting Charlie from a backyard breeder, something I now feel is borderline evil, I will never regret adopting him into our family. His pure innocence, his fearlessness, and his genuine zest for simply being alive served as a reservoir of renewed spirits for me. I sure hope that part of him never changes.

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